¡URI! Find the watermelon thief in 8 seconds!


Find watermelon thief in 8 seconds

Picture Puzzle: One of the most popular activities on the internet nowadays is a picture puzzle challenge.

In this activity, an image is shown to the reader, and there will be a certain question based on the image.

The user needs to answer the question by studying the picture.

A reader needs to establish the answer by using logic and common sense.

This activity can immensely improve brain health by activating the regions of the brain responsible for logical thinking.

Want to test how sharp your thinking powers are?

Let’s get started.

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Picture Puzzle-Find The Watermelon Thief in 8 Seconds

Vía: Bright Side

The image shared above deposits a supermarket scene in which three ladies and a guy can be seen standing in line.

One of the four people has stolen a watermelon from the store and is hiding it to avoid getting caught.

You need to find the watermelon thief in 8 seconds before he leaves the supermarket.

This picture puzzle is a bit tricky and will put your logical and analytical thinking skills to the test. It is also an excellent way to improve brain health by boosting logical thinking skills.

Study the image carefully and see if you can find the one who stole the watermelon from the supermarket.

Try to look for signs that can help you find the thief.

It can be anyone among the four people in the picture.

Have you identified the thief?

Hurry up; time is running out.

Do not let the thief escape.

Two seconds more…


Tiempo arriba.

How many of you have identified the thief?

Those who have identified the thief have great logical thinking and the sharpest of eyes.

Aquellos que no pudieron resolverlo en un momento en que necesitaba no desanimarse. You can practise regularly to improve your skills.

Curious to know who the thief is?

Then check out the solution below.

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Find the Watermelon Thief in 8 Seconds-Solution
The solution to the picture puzzle is as follows:


The person who stole the watermelon is none other than the guy who is standing at the end of the line. It appears that he is holding a football, but the kind of effort that he is putting in to hold the ball raises suspicion.

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