Hoy irreconocible: fans no reconocieron a Claudia Schiffer, parece hinchada y envejecida


During the 90s, Claudia Schiffer soared to extraordinary fame, becoming one of the most renowned and sought-after models, an icon of style and femininity.

Her renown led her to become the muse of renowned designers and stylists, shining on the catwalks and beyond.

Despite her success, Claudia made a significant decision: she left her modeling career to focus on her family.

Now, at 52, she’s a loving wife and caring mother to several children.

Despite her age, she continues to grace fashion runways and photoshoots, maintaining a well-preserved appearance.

However, some 90s fans believe she has lost her sparkle and claim she looks worse for wear.

It’s worth noting that Claudia embraces naturalness, eschewing plastic surgery and beauty injections.

Nevertheless, age-related changes are apparent, sparking negative comments from users who say her face seems altered and her youth has faded.

Despite the criticism, Claudia Schiffer persists in her natural approach to aging and continues to take care of herself.

Her story is a blend of professional success and personal choices, sparking debates among 90s fashion enthusiasts.

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