Aquí está Kanon Tipton: el predicador de 4 años que está cautivando a millones.


Kanon Tipton is a third-generation Pentecostal preacher. His speeches have been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube, making him a major star.

Kanon first spoke in public at just 21 months old, and he is now 4 years old. During that initial moment, he took the microphone from his grandfather and delivered a sermon in baby language that astonished everyone.

Damion Tipton, Kanon’s father, considers his son’s preaching a «phenomenon.»

He believes Kanon possesses a special touch from God, even though he acknowledges that Kanon is mimicking adult speakers.

People have varied responses to Kanon’s preaching. According to Paul Bentley of the Daily Mail, Kanon is simply too adorable to resist, especially when he exclaims,

«The Lord is here tonight!» The editors of the Huffington Post are impressed by Kanon’s dramatic and emotional delivery, noting that it sounds like that of a seasoned preacher.

However, not everyone is convinced. Diane Werts from Newsday still harbors doubts. She points to a National Geographic Channel program about young preachers, including Kanon, suggesting that his enthusiasm might be due to parents training their children to be «Stars for Jesus.»

There are concerns about the authenticity of Kanon’s passion, prompting people to watch him and form their own opinions. See for yourself below.

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