Tiny cowboys riding dogs bring the cows home and their conversation is hilarious


Iglehawk Innes, a reputed cattle breeder in Kings Plains Valley, NSW, Australia, has some of the country’s best cattle. Sus empleados trabajan duro para garantizar una buena salud para su ganado.

All work and no play makes Jack a dul boy-this proverb was taken seriously by the employees of Iglehawk Innes. So they decided to have fun with their dogs.

To have me fun in between work, they fastened tiny cowboy dolls onto the backs of their cattle dogs. Then the dogs are allowed to go to their regular routine.

As the dogs started herding The cattle, the tiny cowboys moved in a comical manner.

The sight was very funny with the cowboys moving in rhythm with the dogs ‘ movements.

Iglehawk Innes is a family-owned cattle breeder and was established in 1832. Ever since the establishment, the family has worked hard as a team to grow up to this level.

Los propietarios toman un buen Servicio a sus empleados y son proud of them. To bring me change to the monotonous lives of the employees, they decided to have me fun.

Although the sight of the moving cowboys on cattle herding dogs was funny to the humans, it was confusing for the animals to find visitors on the property riding dogs.

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