I highly doubt that the post will be read attentively or shared, but I’ll still make it.


I doubt the post will be carefully read or shared, but I’ll make it anyway.

Certainly, if the post were filled with cats or dogs, whom most of us love and care for, then our appreciation and outcry would overflow.

But the post doesn’t contain any naked images.

Unfortunately, here we have thousands of dead bees, affected by pesticide use in our country. Sadly, our life cycle halts at some point here.
If bees were to vanish from the face of the Earth someday, humans would have no more than 4 years of life…

Why are bees the most important living beings on Earth?

We all know the colossal importance of bees in our daily lives and have enjoyed the extraordinary properties of bee products since childhood. Here are the conclusions of studies conducted on their existence:

The Earthwatch Institute concluded in the latest debate at the Royal Geographic Society in London that bees are the most important living beings on the planet. However, alongside this news, scientists also made an announcement: bees are now classified as insects at high risk of extinction.

-Albert Einstein

Bees have disappeared worldwide by up to 90%, according to recent studies, with reasons varying by region. Among the main causes are massive deforestation, lack of safe nesting places, flower scarcity, uncontrolled pesticide use, soil changes, and a decrease in the number of beekeepers.

More than 70% of the world’s agriculture depends on these insects, and it can be said that 70 out of every 100 foods we consume are due to the pollination process carried out by bees.

Furthermore, pollination by bees is essential for plant reproduction, which is the main source of food for millions of animals. Without it, fauna would begin to disappear gradually.

Are there solutions to this problem?

Indeed, there are solutions, but they are difficult to implement in today’s society, given the harmful practices in Romanian production and agriculture.

However, some specialists have proposed some solutions, hoping they will be implemented as soon as possible:

– Prohibit, not just reduce, the use of toxic pesticides. It is suggested to switch to pesticides that do not have a negative impact on pollinators.

– Promote completely natural agricultural alternatives.

– Conduct constant research and monitoring of bee health, welfare, and conservation.

– Promote programs that give the population the opportunity to join the bee-saving process by supporting beekeepers, such as buying natural honey or participating in national projects like «Adopt a Hive.» You can participate in such a project through the initiative…

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